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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can I Get an AMEN !

Baby, I'm full of the Lord tonight! Dear Husband and I went to the Gospel Show at the Knight's Hall and had a splendid time. The event was organized by my Best Boy Friend, William. He's a hard-working, dedicated servant of the community and I admire him greatly. But, PLEASE do not tell him so or his shiny noggin will get oh so big and I'll never hear the end of it.

The choir from the church that meets at the Hall was the first act. This little girl submitted to my intense questioning after she was unknowing enough to sit beside me. Her mother, 2 sisters, a brother, and a cousin were all in the choir. That's William's wife, Bonnie, beside Choir Girl.

The other acts were quite good too. One guy did some beautiful R&B type songs, with a magical voice. Believe it or not, the last 3 acts were (let me whisper this ...), rappers. Yes, I know, I'm surprising myself by admitting that I actually enjoyed it. Like the other rap, I didn't understand every word they said, BUT, I assumed it wasn't the total trash that blasts out of low-down, blacked-out window, cars at traffic lights. AND they said it without all the anger, but instead with big, bright smiles. I could feel the LOVE! Amen, Brother! This guy was called "The Vessel" (I think) and he had groovy shoes that matched his shirt. The old Hall was rockin' and a swayin' and all were enjoying the show.

Earlier, today I accompanied Dear Husband to a car show at the local American Legion (Yee Haw) in the best of his fleet, the 1956 Dodge. He's been spending every free moment working on his big, ole ugly -- I mean classic 1956 Ford Truck, which was involved in a parking lot altercation. He's going the full deal in repairing previous blemishes while fixing the new hurts. I snapped this shot just after the Gospel Show (see above), whilst he was still fresh and clean. They're both cute, huh?

I spent a great deal of time this morning working on the bones of this blog, like adding in my knitting stuff -- works in progress as well as finished. I still have a long way to go, but at least the framing has started. I finished a cute little knit project Thursday, but haven't added it because it's a SHHHH! surprise gift.

I also changed the feature for adding comments so that the commenter will have to validate by typing the weird letters in the box. This was deemed necessary after I got all excited to have 2 comments listed almost immediately after yesterday afternoon's post. Yep, they were both spam, so we'll have to make it harder for those rotten slimebags.


  • At 3:15 AM, Anonymous bob said…

    I do say amen too. Gospel is a mooooving experience.

    Hope that old truck gets on the road soon, it looks like a beauty.


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