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Thursday, March 23, 2006

End of Week Observations and Musings

1. I was driving along the Washington Beltway Wednesday morning and passed three big dump trucks all in line one after the other. Each had large lettering across the tailgate. I read each as I passed.

First: "The Lord Hears Your Prayers"

Second: "The Lord is the Light"

Last: "Pimpin Ain't Easy"

2. While I have talked a bit here about my Swingin' A Hammer Career, I haven't shared very much about my Exciting Career in Real Estate. That is partly because my business has been slow, and partly because of the kind of crap that transpires when I am busy that is too godawful ugly to set to type. Last Monday I listed a house and another will go on the market this coming Monday. This is the time that I have lots and lots of interaction with my fellow Realtors.* and I always think to myself, "I wish everyone could be smart enough to remember the Unofficial-But-So-Important-to-the-Success-of-Your-Transaction, First Rule of Real Estate. To Wit:

(You thought it was "Location, Location, Location", huh? -- WRONG!! NO SOUP FOR YOU!)

3. So I've been busy with the Exciting Career in Real Estate and thinking about the First Rule of Real Estate (see #2 above) and along comes a Subpoena to testify in a case brought by a former client from a looooong time ago against an "Inc." that I don't recognize. My relationship with said former client ended Way Bad and I have no idea of the subject of her case. OK, I was called by the Defendant and have exchanged several phone messages with their Attorney over my role. I have made it clear that I understand my obligation to appear and my obligation to (perhaps) produce my files. At first "Joe Esq." offered to have me on call as he wasn't even sure he needed my testimony. Somewhere in my questions about document production, he caught a major attitude, became rude, and I ended our call post haste. Shortly thereafter, he called and left a message on my phone suggesting we should continue our discussion. Hmmm, maybe he's thinking about a similar First Rule of Getting The Testimony You Want:

4. All of this negative stuff is hurtin' Wally's High. (Can you see all the catnip on that shiny back??!?!?!)
* By the way, the word is REAL-TOR -- 2 syllables please -- not REAL-A-TOR. THANKS!


  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Vegan Knitting said…

    LOL about the truck signs!

    I am actually "in real estate" myself, sort of.

    My husband's mother died 6 years ago and we now own the house. But we don't live in it - it is far from the big city and besides, we lived in NYC when it became ours.

    Instead, we rent it out to a family from the small town in which it sits - sucking our credit dry with the repairs that need to be made.

    Very soon we'll be selling it and I may come knocking on your door for tips.


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