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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Team Spirit Continues

Coming off the strict regimen preceding my Olympic victory ("strict" for me means not knitting whatever the hell I want whenever I want to), I jumped back to the long-stagnating Aran sweater.

First, I finished the back:... and then got a nice start on a sleeve:(The true color is somewhere between the two depicted here -- I know I am no photographer ).

OK, so there I was, finally getting somewhere on this project which I think I started sometime in late November -- yes, THREE months ago -- but then I got hit again with the Team Spirit which led me to produce this:

"What the heck is it?" you are thinking. Well, this time it was the Knitting Goddess that led me astray. I first followed her link to get the gist of the project, then followed again for the details. Come on - join in with Phyl!

Back to The Goddess, but on another subject, in this entry she talks about the "Trinity" stitch in her new Aran -- which is the same as the "Blackberry" stitch in my Aran. Having worked this "rose by any other name", I understand the use of both names, and I agree that it is a bit squirrelly to start with. However, once you get it, the stitch is great fun to work.

And to close ... my efforts have been rewarded -- isn't he wonderful?


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