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Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunny Sunday all about DH

I spent most of yesterday ferrying cars and then hanging out at a car show with the DH. It was sponsored by our pal, His Lordship, and held at the mansion where he hangs his bowler during normal business hours. DH posted a few pics on his blog.

I must admit that my somewhat willing participation was also for the benefit of His Lordship, who truly endeared himself with this recent gift:

This is a teensy-tiny glass Lord Ganesha and I think it is wonderful!

Some weeks ago, over a (equally teensy) glass of vino, His Lordship and I learned of our mutual interest in Ganesha. I quickly retrieved my copy of "The Broken Tusk: Stories of the Hindu God Ganesha" which was beautifully written by a local woman who is/was an artist in residence at Montpelier Cultural Arts Center. HL apparently enjoyed the book because he returned it along with my beautiful prize.

Back to DH's blog, it's also a worthwhile trip to see the final pics of a recent kitchen remodel here and don't forget to take a look at the "before" shots.

In the Wacky Story Department, here's a really freakly one for you. The DH's parents retired to sunny Florida last fall and are enjoying the glamorous life in Boca Raton, courtesy of their rich friends. It was during such an event that our story begins.

The In-Laws were invited to a birthday party on some Big Ass Boat. I know it has a formal designation of some sort, but I am a land-lubber. It is also important to our story that this was some Big Ass Boat, because it doesn't fit under the bridges and they have to beep or something to get the bridge to open. So, here they are at a bridge, beeping and waiting, and the bridge doesn't open. The skipper (?) finally decides he has waited long enough and maybe they can just squeeze under. Off they go. The mast clears the beginning of the bridge, but midway through there is a terrible crack and a chunk of the mast drops below and KILLS INSTANTLY one of the party-goer passengers. Just like that. There was a medical professional of some sort on board who tried CPR, but she was gone that quickly.

It turns out the MIL was sitting quite near the poor woman, but had ducked away to prepare the birthday cake with candles. She was in the Ladies when she heard the big crack and immediately thought the cake had slid to the floor in ruin. Gee, wouldn't that have been a nicer outcome.

This story came from the FIL to the DH, so I'm telling it ... third hand, I think?

VK asked in the comments who was the cute pup in Thursday's post. I'll bet you didn't even recognize him in such splendid form, but that was my dear pal, Quincy, whom I wrote of last fall when he was one sad, sick pup. He's in great shape now, full of piss-and-vinegar, and loved by all, but most especially his main gal, GG -- who's also my pal ;-#)


  • At 2:03 AM, Blogger Vegan Knitting said…

    Oh my gosh! That's awful! One reason to be glad you're a landlubber!!!

    I hadn't begun to knit until last november so I didn't see your post about poor, sad, Quincy. What a sorry photo of him - I'm very glad to see him, piss, vinegar, vim, vigor, and all!


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