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Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Texas Visit

I've been back from my little jaunt to Texas for almost a week, but I'm still disorganized and confused. Yes, I know I'm like this most of the time anyway ... Why blame it on the trip? Nevertheless, here I find myself in the middle of several projects and stuff scattered everywhere.

This morning I coped by working in the garden.

This afternoon I shall cope by .... BLOGGING!

My visit with the Texans was terrific. I had lots of time to talk with Bro Joe; we played several unruly Spades games; I visited Patti's groovy pad with the Party Patio; I stayed up until the wee hours of morning acting as a helper at the After Graduation party (UGH! it was tough!); and of course, I watched with great pride (and shed a little tear or two) as The JayBird graduated from high school.

Look at that beautiful family, will you? The only thing needed to make it perfect is #1 son, Brian, who is off on his Big Adventure known as Navy Basic Training. He was surely missed.

It's not just my biased opinion, is it? Aren't these guys modeling material! Here's what The Hens had to say about JayBird and Markasaurus:

You've got some FINE looking nephews. Any of them want to move to Maryland?


They are way fine.

Opinion confirmed.

Another highlight was the chance to meet Jay's Gal Pal, the very lovely Casey.

I have been a fan of this bold gal even before I met her. Last fall, she decided her date for the dance MUST be JayBird -- but they hardly knew each other at all. Sooooo, she made up a gigantic sign --- at least 12 feet long -- asking him to the dance and attached it to the fence outside of the gym just before a basketball game that The Bird was sure to attend.

Then she posted herself way up in the stands, amongst all her girlfriends and waited. Jay was oblivious of the sign until a friend pointed it out, but it certainly then got his attention and he made his way up to the Waiting Spider and her cohorts to graciously accept.

Don't they make a gorgeous couple?

She was equally gutsy during her first Lithuanian Spades Game. We tried to go a little gently at first, but she hopped right in there and took us all down. Thanks for playing along, Casey! I dig your style.


  • At 2:39 PM, Blogger Vegan Knitting said…

    Good to have you back!!!

    I wish I had that kind of chutzpah that Casey has!


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