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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Seals and Fluffy

My Number One Texas Nephew is off on a very big adventure. This courageous kid has set his sights on making himself a Navy SEAL. He left Monday afternoon for the start of his Navy training with the full support and pride of his family and friends. Here's the report of his arrival from Bro Joe:

Brian got to Great Lakes safely. He called Tuesday
night.........10:00 call ... I'm zonked out on the couch.....

phone: collect call to anyone from Brian...will you accept the

me: yes

Brian: I'm here.

me: Hey Brian, How's it goin?

Brian: That's it. gotta go.

telephone: Click......... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Amazing. Bro Joe says "The guys barking the commands must have told the boys, tell 'em you got here and hang up." I guess I can understand that they have a zillion things to do to get settled and organized and stuff, but cripes, doncha think he could have been given at least a few minutes for Dear Ole Dad? To me, it would have probably been better just to receive a recorded message or e-mail instead of hearing Bri's voice but not being able to talk.

In the Cute Department, here's one of the DH's second family members, the beautiful blue-eyed Fluffy, relaxing in the Iris bed.


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