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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Baby Arrived; Sweater DONE!

Sweet Niece Michelle's babe arrived Saturday evening. He was delivered by c-section, weighed 8 pounds and his Mom and Dad are delighted.

So I had to get his welcome sweater finished. Here it is:

Aiding the finishing process was a new gadget. This was my first opportunity to use Knit Klips and they were quite helpful. This is an ingeniuous little helper, kind of like a hair clip but with only a single spike. You can match up rows before sewing to see what you're gonna get and to keep things on track. They don't fall out nor distort the work like straight pins can do. I'm happy with the purchase.

After the picture, I treated the sweater to a little bath in an effort to shed at least a portion of the kitty fur. It is drying nicely now and should be ready to wrap up tomorrow. I sure don't want to barge in on them too soon, but I am looking forward to a trip across the Bay to meet Hunter.

Speaking of the furry ones,
Beau supervised the sewing process from on high. The loft ladder rises up over my back desk -- which is actually a cleverly designed sewing machine cabinet. I have the two desks in my Palace with my chair inbetween in an effort to have room to spread out. However, typically both surfaces are piled with crapola and I am scrinched off to one little corner no matter what I'm working on.

Certainly I am much too important to waste time clearing off my finished and half-finished projects ... or to read that big stack of mail ... or to file paperwork ...


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