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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Knitting Knews

Back in early July, I had a conversation with one of my real estate colleagues and told her about our plans for opening the new shop. She was visibly shaken that I would even consider a willing clip-of-the-wings-of-freedom and a sentence to long hours within four walls. (yes, indeed, I was sorry to have shared with her ...)

However, after seeing my stricken look, she quickly tried for the positive ...

"At least you'll get lots of knitting done!"


As you know from my last long-ago post, we are pretty darn busy. Once I get home, there's always lots of home chores which I usually ignore in favor of Wine and Couch.

Okay, it's not really all that bad, but I am decidedly NOT happily clicking through row after row. I am , however, making some progress.

I did finish a second panel of Mark's UT Afghan and sewed the two together:

It's nice and squishy with the cabling on the orange panel and the blackberry stitch on the white but I find that I'm not too comfortable with the cheap ... I mean, inexpensive, tougher-than-iron, acrylic. Maybe I'm getting somewhat fiber snobbish? HAH! Wouldn't the non-vegan knitters have a great hoot at that!

I also finally finished the first of the "Ribbed Fixation Socks" that I copied after Vegan Knitting (and then some) many months ago.

I really like the stretchy fit and the length of the leg, and most of all, that nice thick slip stitch heel.

I like it so much so that I might even eventually finish the second sock! (which I did start last night, thank you very much).

In a weird coincidence, just now Beau dug out a long-forgotten toy -- a teensy mouse knit during the last unfinished sock project. I deemed that sock pretty but not comfortable and banished it off to the great race of single socks.

You don't think my boy was making a wise-assed comment, do you?


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