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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Spanglish Lesson

Next door to Chez Schavis lives a cute little 7-year-old guy called "Junior". His parents are native to the Dominican Republic and their first language is Spanish. Mom speaks only a teensy bit of English, but Dad and two older girls are beautifully bi-lingual. Dad INSISTS that Junior speak only Spanish at home, and he fusses at the girls if they chatter to him in English. I think Dad is a very smart guy to make sure that little Junior doesn't lose his hold on having ease with both languages.

me, Mavis studied Spanish in college -- and did quite well, thank you -- but testing well on that particular grammar usage does not mean one will hold up conversationally. So, I sometimes try to resurrect my very limited knowledge when Junior wanders over to help me in the garden.

During our last chat, we somehow got on the subject of dogs. Junior told me that he and his father are both allergic to dogs. This was a surprise as I remember him playing with my Ma's "Ami" for hours during a visit several years ago, and I remembered that his uncle has also visited here with his Golden Retriever. So, I questioned ....

me: Really? Gosh, what about your Uncle Juan? (spoken in my lame accent as "Wan")

Junior: Who?

me: You know, your Dad's sister's husband ... they watched your house when you went to the DR a few years ago ... they have a big golden dog?

Junior: Who?

me: "Wan", Junior ... your Uncle!? Remember, he comes to visit with the big golden dog!?!

Junior: OH! You mean Juan (spoken in lovely Spanish accent "Hu-an")

me: YES! "Wan" -- what about his dog? I didn't think you were allergic to that dog?

Junior: No. I'm only allergic to dogs that haven't had their shots.

Maybe Dad is smart in another way too.

Beau thinks dogs are too loud for good sleeping.

Wally would rather play with his scratching pad than even think about dogs.

DH and 'Bella only have eyes for each other.


  • At 3:57 AM, Blogger Schavis Construction said…

    all very cute

  • At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Vegan Knitting said…

    Oy, I'm not keeping up with my comments!

    Love those cat photos! You can never post too many for me!

    I think this is the first husband photo you've posted? He's cute!!! He's got the Don Juan thing going on with his eyes in that picture! So now when I picture the two of you, I'll see your torso wearing becky with a floating mouth with braces next to a head with soul-piercing eyes.


    Not that I've posted any photos of myself except my baby picture, making my demon child face with stickup hair. I actually just posted a photo of my husband bending down a branch of a tree at the llama farm so they could eat the leaves. But all you can see is his hand, chin, ear, and a bit of belly with his underwear elastic peeking out. heehee! (It's in the animal photo album)

  • At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Vegan Knitting said…

    btw - how are the braces doing?


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