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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

He Keeps Me Sane

This is what I see when I look up from my desk: Beau has rediscovered the loft since the new carpeting was installed last week. I added a folded up, very worn and comfy, old bedspread and he lounges on it for most of the day, hanging over the edge from time to time to see what the humans are doing. Today, in particular, I needed to see that cute face. We are still battling with the Festival street closure issue -- that is, we still don't know WHY our permit was denied -- but I spent about 10 gazillion minutes on phone calls today trying to get someone to straighten it out.

Gretchen and William came out today for our last pre-Festival FOTB meeting and it was successful. William brought our freshly printed tee-shirts (BEAUTIFUL JOB!) and they should still sell as collector's items for the "Festival that Wasn't." Okay, I'm making jokes to keep from crying. Really, we had a good meeting and nailed down as many loose ends as we could as to various logistics. I'm sure there will still be a fair amount of problems Sunday morning.

For now, I'll forget about it and run off to see "House." As William says, there's no reason to worry, because if I do, I'm the only one suffering for it. Just like the little clay figures we used to make to guard the kiln firing, I'll let it rest with the Gods.


  • At 6:05 AM, Anonymous bob said…

    Also as William said, don't worry, we will just close the street anyway. Who will know. Sure beats the heck out of refunding all that money that we don't have anymore.
    Maybe we could sell those collector shirts for $100 each.


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