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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

a la The Smashing Pumpkins, this is far different from the malady that has afflicted me these past few days.

Infinite Sadness

For many, this is a typical Holiday dish ... and I have in fact succumbed to it on occasion. This is an early start for me, however.

This is a popular antidote:

Even though I felt a slight bit better late this morning, I thought it best to be prepared, so a run to Barry's Store was in order. Please note: The store was taken over by a cute Korean guy named John several years ago; furthermore, "Barry" never actually owned the store -- it was his Mom -- but that's what Darling Husband still calls it, so I follow suit.

Anyway, after spending about one and a half hours staining a fence in a windy 38 degrees, I did feel slightly better. Maybe it was the fumes? Maybe it was the fact that I couldn't feel my fingers which thereby took my attention elsewhere?

Well, I'm ready if it comes back.

Yes, of course I know that this "antidote" works for a just a short while after which it pluges the patient farther down into the offending state. So what, it's The Holidays!

Just to be sure I was correctly self-medicating, I checked Merriam-Webster:

1 a : an abnormal state attributed to an excess of black bile and characterized
by irascibility or depression b : BLACK BILE c : MELANCHOLIA
2 a : depression of spirits : DEJECTION b : a pensive mood
An Excess of Black Bile?? Well that's new one on me ... but I'm pretty sure Dewar's can take care of that too.

In happier news ...

DH has a second family that lives behind his shop.

"Moms" comes to the porch nearly every morning and evening (sometimes mid-day too if we're home) and demands a meal. Lately, one of his three babes has been coming along as well.

This is "the fluffy one"

There's a second kit that has the same markings, but is short-haired, and a third that is all black and semi-fluffy.

Just what we need.

In knitting news -- I have so many projects planned that I am running hither and yon and working very little on anything. I finished the second side of the E Cardigan, began a sleeve, and have made tiny progress on one secret gift project. I have spent TONS of time googling for patterns for other planned gift projects ... I must focus!

But first, Thanksgiving. This afternoon I will start putting together some of the dishes for our feast, and will finish up tomorrow with help from our guests that maybe don't know they will have to work.

Hey, there's no free lunch -- but there is a nice supply of Appletini fixins!


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