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Thursday, November 10, 2005

me, Mavis and The Blustery Day

Oh, Fall was a beauty today in my neck of MerryLand!

I worked with DH installing a sliding door in a house with a nice backyard full of trees. The wind was swirling around us all day, and it was enchanting to crunch through the piles of leaves hauling materials and other various crapola back and forth from the Schavismobile. We also watched a cute little band of Robins picking berries from Dogwood trees. Yes, I did manage to do a little work now and then between my bouts of nature gazing.

Back home we can hardly make out the driveway for the great layers of leaves that have fallen from the big trees that grace our property. I'm looking at those last pretty flowers on the Butterfly Bush while thinking that the temps will be in the 30s tonight. This is really the time of change after we enjoyed a recent last hurrah of Indian Summer.

Inside, the Natives are back to normal, I think. Yesterday we had a visit from our wonderful housecall vet, Dr. Mike, and his new assistant, Sarah, but I was really the only one that truly enjoyed the visit.

All three had to submit to the regular exam stuff where he peeked, poked and proded into areas normally off limits, and they each got a shot of Distemper vaccine. Beau and Wally both had an additional needle for the Rabies vaccination. Isabella topped the scales at 13 pounds; Beau at 12 pounds 9 ounces, and Wally at 11 pounds 12 ounces.

All three were pronounced in excellent health ... though it wouldn't hurt 'Bella to lose a bit. I told Dr. Mike that I was somewhat sensitive as we share that particular issue.

I asked about the Canine Influenza mess that had stricken my pal Quincy, and learned that Dr. Mike has seen no activity in his practice. He asked if Quincy was absolutely diagnosed by the Cornell folks, so I got the impression that he thinks there might be some inaccurate diagnoses reported.

In City News, I just received a "resend" of an earlier automatic Council Meeting Agenda. The first Agenda included the swearing-in of the new Council elected Tuesday -- however, the list printed was of the incumbents, two of which were unseated! Oooooh, talk about embarrassing.

On the Knitting front, I have made my peace with the "Pretty Pink" cardigan and it is back on the needles. I'm moving along slowly 'cuz I don't want to be ripping it out again -- or at least not right away.

I've also picked up the "E Cardigan" again and nearly finished the left front. I'll post pictures soon.

Cables are calling me. I've been searching for an afghan pattern and I keep going to the cables. I've been looking at scarf patterns, and I'm going to the cables. I will probably be starting yet another project soon. I'm weak.


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