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Friday, November 18, 2005


Looky, Looky Here!

I got me some Calmer .... oooh, it's so wonderful ...

I am greedy.

First, I scored on this dark rose ...

... and then I went for the lighter, delicate blush pink.
I love them, both ... can't decide which is better... and it feels SOOO nice. I don't know what they will become just yet, but since I don't anticipate a lot of yarn-eating cable stuff for either, I have enough of each to make just about anything I want!

But wait there's More!

Did I tell you that Yarn Garden was having their Fall Sale?

Now you see where this is going.

I also got this:

The pattern I bought last year -- it's a "Yankee Knitter" for an aran style sweater with twisted rib, seed stitch, cable, wishbone and blackberry stitch. I really dig it and have finally found the yarn that I think will work beautifully. Lovely colonial blue, huh? It's called "Toddler Aran", I'm assuming the "toddler" part is because it's NOT WOOL and so easily washable. That fits me on two fronts. One, ya'll know I don't do wool, and two, I can have less worries about slobbering chocolate or something down the front, cuz it will go right into the washing machine.

Last ... I found this adorable pattern with fat cables and convenient button-up shoulders. (Did I tell ya'll that my sweet niece, Michelle, is expecting a wee one?)

I got enough of the oatmeal shade to make the sweater and hat in the 1-2 year size. I'll be watching for perfect buttons in a unisex theme. I like this sweater enough to hope that it might become a hand-me-down for the 10 or so babes that are surely to follow Michelle and George's first.

So, what am I working on now?

Secret holiday gift stuff that I can't share. Rats!

But soon ...


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