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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Thanksgiving Hen Party

The Hens visited yesterday. I was so happy to see my Heath looking tip-top after her surgery, but she wasn't quite as perky as her normal self. I'm hoping time will heal all she has been through.

She told us about son Aidan's guinea pigs ... Einstein and Frankenstein -- both females. It is so apparent that little apple Aidan fell extremely close to tree Heather.

Our other recent sick list pal, Quincy, was really in top form:

He ate potato-rice soup, farted heartily, and joyfully attacked the kitties' toys. He looks wonderful and is spirited and carefree. Hurray Q!

We had a fun time eating and talking and eating and visiting our new little rental house.

The Hens consented to a picture at visit's end, but our Heath squawked "I don't want to be on the Internet!" Too bad ... it was the cutest shot of her.

Here's my gals, Heath, Stazi and GG ... along with a non-Hen for comparison:

I discovered again that I really don't know GG, though we have been friends for probably 12 years or so. I was shocked to see her in that cute, cute pink scarf. She tells me she loves pink ... but usually more of the lighter shell tone. I was equally shocked to hear that she is still knitting!

Last year, she picked up on where she had left off as a child many -- I mean just a few short years ago -- on the art of knitting. Unfortunately, she started up with a furry eyelash yarn. Of course, it is nearly impossible to find a lost stitch with that stuff; GG got frustrated, and I thought that was the end of that.

Turns out she was only waiting for cooler weather to return and has rejoined the fold. Unfortunately she didn't bring any of her work to share, but she did donate two unwanted skeins:

Really pretty, huh? But alas the content tag reads "57% Merino Wool, 12% Superkid Mohair ..." Ya'll know -- me, Mavis don't do animal stuff.

Since this was already purchased, I am considering relaxing my objection long enough to knit it up and return it to GG. More on that sometime later.

Our Stazi was a bit subdued it seemed. Only a year ago, her very dear friend, Pat, was nearing the end of her long difficult struggle with a brain tumor. Stazi is often a hard bird to read, but I think it is weighing heavily on her.

On a lighter note, she is probably also bummed out about having to toil on Sunday to unpack and reorganize the law library at which she presides. Having been though the move of a large firm, I can personally attest that it is a nasty business with all the attorneys getting pissy about being put out and most of the admin staff showing their great incompetence. Maybe our meeting gave Staz some gusto!

And so, by the end of our gathering, we had turned a corner. Where previously a meeting of the Hens had coincided with a new Rotten Old Car or Truck Purchase, this time the gavel fell on an eBay SALE for DH. Ahhh, sometimes I love change!


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