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Friday, November 04, 2005

Gosh, it's pretty out today! COLOR is everywhere as all the trees try to outshine one another. I saw a lovely swallowtail butterfly flitting about and it really disturbed me. I know it was balmy today (at least 65 degrees), but darn it gets cold at night! AND, it is November afterall. Shouldn't that little fellow be sailing along down south?

I was able to spend some time in my garden (just cleaning up and such) and I feel renewed! I came across several caterpillar types -- a furry black and sable roly-poly under my potting bench, and then DH found a very plump big bright green guy under the Willow Oak. He was moving right along a a good clip, but we couldn't tell toward what.

I used to feel bittersweet, at best, but usually melancholy, and sometimes slightly depressed, at the first hints of Fall. It seemed like a time of ending and dying. I can't say why my attitude has changed, but I find that I now look at this seasonal change as a time of rest and renewal. Much easier to take, for sure, but it also tugs at me to hibernate and renew myself. That's difficult to do if you need to venture forth to make some dough.

Tomorrow is supposed to be equally, if not MORE groovy, weatherwise. So I'm hoping to be outside in the thick of it as much as possible. We bought cute little Alberta Spruces to put in the urns that flank our front steps. The current resident Mums are looking a bit tired, and I'd like to switch them out. It would be good to get them settled in the ground somewhere soon so that they can be ready to sleep over the winter and burst out mightily next spring. Those sprinkled around our yard now had a hard summer, but are blooming beautifully in spite of it.

In knitting news: After my tantrum about the "Pretty Pink" cardigan, I started on a secret gift project last night and had good success. I have confirmation from a helper who is very chic and stylish that it a keeper. So, I will continue on. Soon, it will sit in a heap just like the Cable 8 Top since I know I have loads of time to do the washing/blocking/etc. before Christmas. Ohhhh, procrastination is bad.

Today is Friday Night Pizza and I will probably have to decline. I'm still on the soft stuff, but it's getting better every day. I had chick peas today without too much discomfort. Since I broke down from the "I can tough this out" attitude and started partaking of the brace wax ----- ohhhhhhh, brace wax ......... the great big sore lumpy pockets on my cheeks are smooth again. Now the worst part is the cleaning after eating A N Y T H I N G -- did you get that? ANYTHING!

Damnation, this is an ordeal. The brush must held at eleventeen different angles to get around and under and over all the hardware, and to floss? Well there's a daunting task! Threading through and back and ..... blah, blah, blah. My only hope is that I will lose a few pounds solely because I will skip snacks as I hate to brush and floss. Please, keep me on this path!

Isabella says "Have a laid-back weekend"


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