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Thursday, November 03, 2005

I M Wee Todd Did

I M Sofa King We Todd Did

Remember that nice picture of the "Pretty Pink" cardigan with all the pieces joined up on one needle, ready for the raglan top?

Here is is today:

Nice jumbled mess, no?

Apparently Crazy Aunt Purl is having trouble with her current project too. She's writing to a doctor -- that being Doogie Howser -- asking for advice.

Me? Do I consider just working past and no one will notice? Well yes, I did. But I had a dose of arrogance (I had recently been reading The Knitting Goddess) and decided that I was much too accomplished to settle for non-perfection.

So did I consider waiting and asking someone else for advice? Yes, I did that too. DH said, "Ah, you can't even see it, just move on." But Noooo, I just take another trip to the Frog Pond. Yep, I ripped back about 6 rows of the 12 I had completed.

Then, I couldn't seem to get the YO stitches back on the needles. Finally, I sucked down a strong cuppa Joe and battled it out.

With all the stitches back on, I realized that I had not ripped back far enough and my blindingly obvious mistakes were still there.

So, in a fit of childish rage, I stuffed the whole shebang in the basket and stomped off.

That last rant was probably my best move. Now I'm going to let it sit until I'm

  1. somewhat more sane
  2. sans feline help
  3. with sufficient time to hunker down and do it, OR
  4. until cute little elves sneak in after midnight and finish it up all nice and neat thank you very much

Do you think there's some "Dumb Ass Wave" being pumped out by the Administration that is affecting helpless knitters everywhere?

Well, the Goddess may be immune ... so maybe it's just for certain of us ... like maybe those that have built in antenna teeth.


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