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Sunday, January 22, 2006

From "in Progress" to The Gallery!

Ah, I love that lead-in ... because that means I have finished something. And that something would be the "Cabled Sweater and Hat for Baby Hunter Michael in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Care."And here it is, posing in the warm sunshine atop DH's 49 Caddy:I'm very pleased with this final product. It is very soft and cuddly; is a nice classic design for a little boy; the metal buttons fit very nicely; and the finished measurements are SPOT ON with the pattern specifications. I think this might be a first for me, Mavis.

Interesting, isn't it, how it works out when you use the suggested materials?

In other knitting news ....

Last post I told ya'll about the wonky decreases in the "Audrey" sweater and how they were weirdin' me out a bit.

Faithful reader, the Vegan Knitter said in the Comments:
I want to be comforting and kind and tell you, "Oh Mavis, it looks great! Don't worry about it!" but instead I'm going to be honest. I noticed something was wrong right away.That being said, have no fear, have no fear (said the Cat in the Hat!) I'm sure you can fix it and then continue on to make a beeeewetiful sweater. Minus the ewe since it's vegan.
Funny, about the "ewe", huh? Thanks, I needed that!

But back to the wonkies ... that's the whole point, VK, there's no fixin' to be done! From looking at others on the Knit-A-Long, the wonky decreases are CORRECT to the designer's instructions. I've checked my progress against close-up photos from other Audrey knitters, and they could be twins. So what are we to do with that, except suck it up and move along? I'll post another progress shot soon.

But speaking of twins ... I went on a visit last Thursday to an old friend from Big Ugly Law Firm. She is now a stay-at-home Mom to 2 1/2 year old twin girls. And lovely lasses they are, little Emma and Chloe. Momma Meg is as perfectly efficient at Mothering as she was at dealing with annoying attorneys and running a gigantic litigation.

Since my Thursday socializing was such a success, I tossed aside working on Friday as well, and this country mouse headed to town to have lunch with The City Hens. We met at Teaism, just a half-block from Heath's office and not too far a walk for the athletic GG. How odd I felt traveling in on the Metro to an area being rebranded as "Penn Quarter." So much has changed, and I was all tentative and wide-eyed with confusion just like all the clumsy tourists I cursed for so many years when they slowed my daily precision commute. DAMN YOU ALL - GO BACK TO IOWA ... and have a nice day!


  • At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow - that's a nice ensemble. Lucky baby.


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