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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Idle Hands??

Not much time for blogging these days.

Day time has been filled with work stuff, including a breakfast meeting this morning with a pal who has a very successful tax accounting practice. We have agreed on a plan where I will assist in her office from now until mid-April (for obvious reasons ....) for at least one full day per week, and the rest of the time to be negotiated as we go. I haven't worked in an office since I left Big Ugly Law Firm in early summer 2000 and I am very excited.

The evenings have been filled with knitting-related reading, for the most part. I have been fascinated by Nancy Bush's "Folk Socks" and all the great historical material it contains. Which brings me to something that I have been contemplating. Nancy tells us that when folks used to knit for necessity (in order to be clothed and/or to make money) generally the whole family knitted -- Mom, Dad and the kids.... hands were never idle! In fact, some women were so adept they could finish a pair of mittens while walking back and forth from the village. Talk about multi-tasking! But consider how this would be received today .... is it okay to knit during a business meeting? I think the answer is generally Hell NO! But why aren't "idle hands" still a bad thing? Interesting....

Also, I have been spening a lot of time with Jack Bauer. In anticipation of his new season of antics (beginning this Sunday evening), DH and I are re-watching the last season of "24", courtesy of NetFlix. Today we received Disks 5 and 6, so I'm heading off to pour a vino rojo and settle down for some excitement. Surprisingly, it is still damn thrilling even though I saw the whole thing last season. Nona knows what I'm talking about.

I've also "met" a new pal from the Secret Pal 7 group -- which by the way, I seem to be having trouble with (which is another story altogether) -- but anyway, my new pal Yvonne (Hi Yvonne!) is great fun ... check out her blog ... and please don't hesitate to send her any and all questions you may have about BANANA FIBER!


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