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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Swatching, Googling, and What's on My Mind

The front of the baby pullover is now off the needles, with the center neck stitches on a holder just waiting for the collar. I really like the cabled pattern and the yarn is pretty nice to work with. However, I have my usual complaint about all cotton -- no elasticity. Sometimes it bugs me and is difficult to keep even tension.

I got a pathetic start on one sleeve ... can you see the 3 rows on the left-hand needle -- before I quickly changed gears to Calmer ... mmmmmmm, Calmer ..... . That's the start of my swatch on the right-hand needle.

Several days ago I broke down and ordered the Rowan 35 book, which contains the "Audrey" pattern, and I want to be ready to GO! (No, I don't have enough projects in limbo, Thanks!)

The yarn is magnificent! It has all the coolness of the cotton, but with a silky feel from the microfibre. I'm diggin' it big time.

Knitting progress has been hampered by my insane addiction to Google.

In addition to the utilitarian stuff, like searching myself for information about Amicor (since no one left me an explanatory comment!), I have been obsessed with Lithuanian mittens.

Yes, Lithuanian mittens.

No, I've yet to have luck.

Several nice bloggers have offered suggestions including the Yarn Harlot and one of her commenters, and Sandy, but nothing yet. The nice folks from Maridana wrote back to say that a pattern wasn't available, but I might want to order a pair of mittens and try to write it out myself. Nice idea ... here's the problem ... they're made of wool. me, Mavis don't do wool.

While all this is happening, I have something on my mind. Several weeks ago, I read this article in the Washington Post about a long-time committed couple who were forced to leave their home and cherished community after more than 17 years. Because of stupid prejudice -- turned to law.

They are not a so-called "traditional married couple" but nor were they necessarily looking for financial benefits like married couples enjoy. Nevertheless, the State of Virginia's "Affirmation of Marriage Act" made them terrified they would be cut off emotionally from one another during a medical crisis. So, they had to leave the home and community they have loved and supported like good citizens and move to a "safer" area in Maryland. Just so they could have the comfort of knowing that their wish would be granted to have each other make decisions if either were incapacitated.

They want to continue to support each other, in sickness as in health. Does this sound like something so horrific? Something that would threaten the sanctity of a traditional male-female relationship? Or does it sound like it's their own damn business?

I think the only effect this couple might have on my "traditional marriage" is in a positive way -- that the good example of a long-standing, loving, nurturing relationship is something that I can aspire to. I am without doubt that DH agrees.

I have been disgusted and disturbed and saddened by the unfair story of Barbara and Tibby, and the article has sat on my desk since December 18 when it showed up on my sidewalk out front. I thought it was time to say something about it.


  • At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    For more information about grassroots efforts relating to this story, please visit:

  • At 6:47 PM, Blogger Donna said…

    Hi, I'm doing some research on Lithuanian mittens, too. I'd love to talk to you about this. You have a great blog. Drop me an email if you're interested in chatting about Lithuanian knitting. If my email doesn't show up with the post, you can contact me through my website at

    Keep up the good work. I've bookmarked your blog!



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