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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Yes, I'm Knitting

Just in case any one was wondering if this was no longer a blog about knitting, I thought I'd better bring you up to date.

What with all the holiday excitement and being out of my normal, abnormal routine, you might think I was doing nothing. Not so! I'm doing lots of somethings, and getting nowhere on any thing.

For example, here's the Yankee Knitter Aran, showing much more progress than the last picture on Dec. 10 when I had finished just one pattern repeat. It's now at approximately 12 1/2 inches; the pattern calls for 16" before starting armhole shaping. Though I'm moving as slow as a herd of turtles (thanks Joe!), there is some good in this. After I finish the back, I'll need to make a decision as to whether to start a pullover front, or one of two cardigan fronts. Still can't decide. The pattern is fun to work, but moves v e r y . . . s l o w l y because of all the seed stitch which requires moving the working yarn back and forth, front to back, between each stitch.

Hiding under the Aran is White Panel Number One for Mark's UT Afghan. These rows move very quickly, but it gets a bit tedious. My informal measurement this morning shows that it is at approximately one-half the length of the first finished orange panel.

Sitting on the needles since early Summer, and listed as a "On the Back Burner" project on the side bar, is the Branching Out scarf. It truly does exist!

I was so optimistic when I started this project ... and the first session was quite successful. But I then kept putting it down without making sure I knew where the heck I was -- OR -- screwing up and trying to rip back instead of tinking back -- with the like result that I became incredibly lost and had to begin again ... and again ...

This is my first allover lace project and I've experimented with many new techniques since early summer, so I'm thinking that once the urge to pick it up strikes me again , I will immediately grasp the pattern with a huge ! AHA ! and fly through it with ease. Till then, it continues to sit forlornly in the bottom of an unused basket.

Since I have only these three projects going at the moment (at least only three somewhat in the open that is), I felt no guilt in swatching for socks from my new book from Stazi.

I have 4 skeins of very brighly colored Katia Mississippi (60% cotton, 40% acrylic), but I don't have 2 circs in the proper size. I swatched on straight needles and then sewed it up with some fiberfill and catnip. I intended the "prize" for poor "bella who is not too keen on all the hustle and bustle at our house these days. However, before I could make an appointment with her, Wally grabbed the mouse for his very own:

I think Beau had a turn with it also later in the afternoon. I guess it's okay since they share most everything, and really, when Girlfriend emerges from down under, she's interested in:

rubbing on my leg

the cat porch


.... usually in reverse order.

I have a number of swatches that I'm thinking I'll sew up for the beasts. At one time I was putting pattern details/pictures/swatch inside a sheet protector pocket and into a 3-ring binder for each project. But that was pre-blog! Now the picture and details are floating in cyberspace, and the swatches (when I do them) get heaped in a box of mixed patterns or under the desk.

Anyway, back to the current projects ... I'm also anxious for a trip to The Yarn Garden to find something suitable for my lovely Calmer. I've been eyeing Audrey from the Rowan 35 pattern book. I've loved it since seeing the version created by the Knitting Goddess and completely sold after finding this gallery of completed projects from a knit-along. Did I say "completely sold"? Well I guess that settles it!

Last, on my generic Wish List of stuff to accomplish, I'm adding:

something with beads


Since I spent time last night teaching Gretchen how to do the two-color name band on a stocking for her DH, Jamie, perhaps I ought to actually "do" some myself. My almost complete book-learnin' skill did work for her, however,

In between all this knitting contemplation, I'm obsessing over my new Vegan Planet cookbook, particularly "Za-tar-Spiced Bean Patties with Coconut-Curry Sauce." And now that I'm totally salivating, off to lunch!


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