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Friday, December 23, 2005

Sharpen up your Trash Talkin'

... cuz Bro Joe will arrive tonight! That means marathon Spades games with free-flowing drink and jive.

In preparation for the fun, I knocked down a bunch o' cobwebs yesterday (a/k/a cleaned house), wrote out a grocery list this morning, and I'm now supposed to be wrapping gifts.

Instead, I took some time to send in my request to join a ring of vegetarian knitters and, a request to join ...

... Secret Pal 7!! Woo Hoo! This is a very cool project where participants become the anonymous Secret Pal of a fellow knit/crochet blogger. We will follow our Pal's blog to "get to know" them and thereafter send secret gifts sure to delight! Likewise, some other Secret Pal will be reading me,Mavis and sending goodies to me.

I have been fascinated as I read entries from various bloggers participating in Secret Pal 6 and enjoyed their description of a recently received goodie box. I am anxious to join the fun!

In nature news ....

Look at this sky outside my kitchen window last night ...

Now that's something to make you stop and take notice. Beautiful, Beautiful ...but it lasted only a few moments.

However, there is another more lasting "vision" outside the other kitchen window.

There's my obsessed DH inside his newly-delivered 49 Cadillac. For those of you keeping score, this is numero cinco, but the last acquisition, the Dodge pickup has been sent on to a new owner, so he has a net of four.

Bella had to hide her horror by taking to the loft:


  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger Vegan Knitting said…

    I noticed that you don't have the Veggie Knitters image. I didn't either and I did some detective work to add it yesterday to my blog. I tried putting the image into my shutterfly account and posting it from there but that didn't work as Shutterfly likes to blow up everything big, even when the image is tiny. So I found another person's version. You can put it into the code in your template. Here is the image link:

    and here is the whole line of code:

    .center..b..a.href=""..img src="". ./a../ ./center.

    This commenter won't let me leave HTML so for every beginning and ending "." put in < and then > instead.

  • At 6:00 AM, Anonymous DH said…

    Hey! COOL CAR!!! Would love to have one for myself..... DOH! it's mine. Thanks for being supportive.


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