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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Refreshments on the Lanai

Last Christmas, my bro Joe, came up to visit and we had a splendid time ... eating bushels of tortilla chips with his Famous Salsa, playing Spades, and drinking beer.

It was a wonderful time that we really enjoyed, so it was an even nicer surprise when a box arrived from him a few weeks later. Apparently, the bro had a fun time too as he was moved to visit the Haak Winery in Sante Fe, Texas (Galveston County) and choose a great package to send our way: a very cool wooden box with sliding lid, and underneath nestled in crinkly brown paper shavings were 2 bottles of wine (1 white, 1 red) and 2 long-stemmed glasses with the winery logo.

This is a bit of a stretch from the typical nightly refreshment here at Chez Schavis so we decided to wait a bit to enjoy it.

Today was the day.

Our new sidewalk project started this morning and there was jackhammering and concrete sawing and dust everywhere. I had scheduled (in my own mind) to have the day off, but it was not to be as I was here at my desk until after 3:00, then off to the office for another 2 hours.

Once I got back home and started some vittles to cook, the DH and I met up on the back porch to overlook the demolition.

The “Blanc du Bois” was something new to me, Mavis. I’ve never heard of that particular grape but it makes me think of The Golden Girls … ahh, Sophia, Dorothy, Rose, and of course that Southern vixen, Blanche. What a great show! That's real TV!

The wine was great too. It is a bit sweeter than my normal taste .. and I don’t think I’d like it for winter … but it was 75 degrees and still sunny during our tasting. It makes a nice summer refresher.

I guess Texas did send something good to Washington.

Thanks Joe!

... and sorry for the barb on your boy

... kind of


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