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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nature's Gifts

Yesterday I was beat up and stressed out over our Festival woes. Today, since seeing the orange inside the chrysalis, I have been reborn!

First, I received a phone call to let us know that the permit hold-up by the County Police had been removed. But that was NOTHING compared to what happened next. I went out for several hours and returned back home to see this:

Of course, I put aside everything else and sat down to watch -- and to act as guard.

The book we read said that this is the most critical and vulnerable time in the butterfly's cycle as it must have time for the newly-unfurled wings to dry and harden. I missed the emergence from the chrysalis, but was sure as heck not going to miss the rest.

After 30 minutes or so, she slowly pumped her wings open twice. After another 15 minutes, she seemed to be trying to "walk" up the post. To my horror, she fell to the deck and hit hard enough to be audible.

After just a short time, the climb began again:

At midway up the post, she fell again, and it seemed the painted wood was too slippery. By this time, Darling Husband had arrived for the event. As she started the climb again, he put his hand in her path and she climbed on! We were both captivated.

Finally in the sunshine, the wings began beating more often, pumping blood (?) throughout. Almost too soon, she took off, flying about 6 feet directly to ... what else? a BUTTERFLY BUSH!

Here she seemed to settle and we finally went back to our regular business, which for me was a trip to the grocery store.

When I drove back in, I was surpised to see our new friend in the same place. However, as I left my car and started walking up for a better look, off she took -- this time for the first real flight, traveling 30 feet or so across the yard and maybe 30 feet UP to land in a large tree. After a minute or so, we lost sight of this amazing creature. I look at the delicacy and see no resemblance of the rolly-polly eating machine that she was just a week or so ago. We still have another chrysalis in sight, and I wonder if we might be lucky enough to see the full show next time.

Here's what else I found in this little patch of garden as I stood guard. First, a Praying Mantis egg mass ... then Mrs. Mantis herself ... then, possibly the reason she visited .. APHIDS!


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