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Monday, October 31, 2005

A Ghoulish Day

Happy Halloween!!

Appropriately, today was the day for installation of the dreaded, but very necessary, "orthodontic applicances" a/k/a metal mouth, tinsel teeth, etc. I'm showing them in a particularly ghoulish growl. (Thanks to Heather for the Kitty Witch mask!)

So as to the braces, I'm not going to say much more now for fear of a jinx. You see, they really are not bothering me very much at all. Okay, no more on that (the jinx you know), but I did set up a sidebar link to chart my progress (me, Mavis Smile Project).

Knitting Department
Over the weekend, I started the final piece of the "Pretty Pink" cardigan about a gazillion times; then frogged it back a gazillion times; then cut it off and tossed it (as the yarn was nearly worn out), before finally starting again and getting back in the proper groove.

Here are all the pieces up to the underarm.

And here are all the pieces, in proper order (I hope) back on the needle together and ready for raglan shaping. This is exciting!

Assuming I've done this right to this point, in a little more than 35 rows, I will switch back to size 3 needles for the neck ribbing, and thereafter have only the underarm/side seams to sew -- then finis!

I think this would be more easier with a circular needle.

NOTE TO SELF: Use a few of those weekly 40% off Michael's coupons to buy Size 3 and 4 circulars!

I'm anxious to start one of the surprise Christmas gift projects, but I'm committed to finishing the "Pretty Pink" first. "Why?" you might ask, since I have a proven track record of tossing stuff aside mid-project.

I really like this little sweater, and more importantly, I'm afraid I'll suffer memory erase and not be able to successfully pick it back up. So, I shall perservere!


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