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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Little House, Big Cat, and "Cowboys"

Ah, I missed you yesterday "me, Mavis" blog!

I was out of the house by 6:15 a.m. en route to another SCHAVIS kitchen remodel -- this time with James, our new second helper. HA! That makes him sound like good dinner!

OK, so we worked hard all day and afterwards, with only time for a scrub up, off we went for grocery shopping and a City Council candidates forum. By the time we got home, I was even too tired to knit -- BUT I DID! Alas, only a few rows on "Pretty Pink", but not enough to show.

Today, I was wearing my real estate hat, and tended to some paperwork, marketing, etc. for our new little house:

Ta Da! There she is, sign prominently placed, waiting patiently for a stable, honest, clean tenant. We need to paint the new porch railings (green), but otherwise the outside is ready. Inside, we hope to stain the stair railing too. Oh, how silly of me to forget - YET AGAIN! DAMMIT! ... that because we are pre-1950 construction, the Feds (and the State of MerryLand, for that matter), require that we submit to a humiliating and intrusive test for lead-based paint. Okay, so it's not really all that bad, but it's another hurdle to jump before we can legally install a new resident.

I dutifully turned in the stack of paperwork required for listing -- sans lead-based paint test --, made up ad copy for the local papers, and prepared flyers for Saturday's open house. One of my colleagues has an interested party (her son), so maybe we won't even need the open house. Wish me luck.

I got back home fairly early, and headed right up here to blog with a nice glass of vino. Soon, I got a visit from DH and 'bella, the big cat. You can see that Girlfriend was none to pleased to be scooped up to pose. DH kept saying "get her cute pads, get her cute pads." Sorry, but this is the best I could do while she was "rrrroowww"-ing -- but you can see those snow-white paws with the dark black paw pads. Too Cute!

My brother sent me an e-mail with the address for his #2 son (which I asked for weeks ago, by the way, and called for again this morning at 6:45 Houston time). I mention it because he (probably inadvertently) included the incoming message from said #2 son, The Magnificient Markasaurous, and it cracked me up.

You see, Joe and his sons are cowboys, living like they do in Texas and all. They are all accomplished athletes on the field -- and in the armchair capacity. So, I was thinking of them as their hometown team was in the World Series.

#3 son, JayBird sent me a note after Game 1:

So I sadly sat at a friends house instead watching our Astros go down in game 1 of the World Series but that's why it's best of 7, so we're alright.

Yow. So, Jay -- I know that hurts, in retrospect, but I admire your loyalty. (oh yeah, like he's not calling them bums today!)

And I was thinking of this when I called Bro Joe this morning, so I said a little something sympathetic. Wrong. He let off with a tirade of comments about how they played dumb, could have won the thing many times, but they were dumb, dumb, dumb.

Okay, so with just a little more background, this is why the incoming message from Markasauraus was funny. #2 son is at UT, poised to become the next, but better, Ted Turner, or Donald Trump, or some phenomenol businessman. And, he is a man of few words:

...the astros piss me off....can never do the little things

There you have it, from 3 of the cowboys. I don't have input from #1 son, Brian, but I'm thinking it's probably a good thing ... I doubt it would be suitable for general viewing.

Other Stuff

I have lost $254.00. No, not like loosing it in my checking account somewhere, or like loosing a check itself, or even losing nice crisp bills. Shocking, I know, but I lost $254.00 in rolled coins. This is how it happened. My pal, Stazi, came out to Chez Schavis last month before we went to see Elton John in concert. She diligently saves up her loose change, then rolls it and trades it in for a nice payoff. Somehow, I never seem to have "extra" change, but that's off track.

Since there is a Chevy Chase Bank nearby (they let you trade in coins for no fee AND you don't have to be an account holder), she brought them along and we stopped in. Of course -- since NOTHING in life is free -- the machine was out of order, and she lugged them back out. Once home, DH suggested that I would be happy to write her a check and cash them in later when the machine was working. THANKS DH!!

Funny, but it was also DH that got tired of looking at the great big bag of coins on the kitchen counter and "put them away." Even "funnier", I can't find them where he put them away.

AND, lastly, for the most exciting news of my day ... my 10/25 entry includes a comment from a celebrity, and today, I was mentioned AND linked in her blog -- Crazy Aunt Purl. I don't care if I ever knit again, I am famous. WOO HOO! All join me in a toast! Cheers! (Okay, really Aunt Purl, I am just funnin' a bit, and I am delighted that you came to visit!)

Now the rest of you, get off your duffs and send me some comment!


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