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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tired Tuesday

Does anyone else get this when they try to read e-mail? I have contacted Dell support and Microsoft support, but neither have a patch for this situation. "Beau Knows e-Mail"

I am one tired gal today. Started the morning doing my real estate thing and getting papers prepared to list the new property for rental. Also worked up a cute flyer and researched what the City Fathers have to say about licensing, inspections, etc. for rental properties.

After lunch, I joined Dear Husband at the new prop to spend a few hours -- like WOW Man! -- sniffing the toxic fumes of some crazy stuff that waterproofs concrete. I slapped it on the lower parts of the basement walls. We're hoping that, combined with the new gutters (installed last week), the area should stay dry. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

DH put up new railings on front and back porches that look wonderful. We hope to have time for a coat of paint soon.

We travelled off together and picked out new shrubs (Red-Tipped Photina) and Mums (red) for the front beds, then hurried back to plant. The little place is coming along nicely.

So now, I'm freshly showered and ready for dinner. But first ...

Heather - Spoke with Transplant Julie at lunch time and learned that Heather was sleeping at that time, but was doing well and still scheduled to go home tomorrow. She was alert enough to ask that her office be called with her update. Geza is also doing well. Transplant Julie is very tight-lipped and won't give me any more details.

Quincy - GG reports that the boy was much better last night -- tail-wagging, etc., but still very quiet. He is eating better too. She says that when he gets excited at all, it starts the coughing and then he is miserable again.

Knitting - Yes, I am knitting, thank you!

I found a forgotten cute little baby sweater sleeve in the bottom of my basket yesterday. I finished it off and started on the second.

I have finished the 2 halves of Cable-Eight and they sit forlornly waiting to be joined -- more on that later.

I have completed another 2 inches or so on the back of the E Cardigan.

OK, so I'm no Wendy but I have been DOG TIRED (no offense, Q).


  • At 3:19 AM, Anonymous bob said…

    Little place sure is coming along. You are a really great partner in the project.
    Sure hope all the sick friends get better fast.
    To get rid of that Beau problem you are having during email, just click on File, New, Cat agory.


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