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Friday, October 21, 2005

Cable Eight Top - FINISHED!

After a false start (they published an errata to the pattern,DUH!) -- thanks again Poor Miss Finch and an equipment problem (no, I did not have a size 9 crochet hook in my vast stock), and the dreaded "I'm too damn tired to knit" malady, I have finally finished the "Cable-Eight Top." Okay, so I have NOT yet washed and blocked, but it is otherwise finished and I have till Christmas to get finished with the details.

It fits much more snugly on the photo model that it will on the slim recipient-to-be. It would also benefit from a same-tone bra or a camisole.

It was quite nerve-wracking there at the end ... "will I have enough yarn to finish?" Here's what was left:

There must be no more than 5 yards or so! (Crochet hook added for comparison)

This was generally an enjoyable project. I think the organic cotton will be very comfortable to wear in terms of breathability, etc. However, it is a bit "bulky" feeling and I really like the bounciness/stretchiness of a little added acrylic. Hmmmm, this is taking me back to "Calmer" .... drool.............

Okay, so what to finish next? In addition to the little pink sweater that I found in my knitting box, I also have a Homespun sweater that I started for my sister's birthday several years ago. (As it would happen, her birthday was yesterday). I dug it up about a month ago and sewed together the already completed front and back, then finished up the sleeves, which were being knit in tandem. So, now I need to set in the sleeves, finish the seaming, then pick up around the neckline. The pattern called for a hood, but I'm thinking I'll just work in a deep rolled neck.

I also used up some scrap yarn last Fall for a short button-front cape of my own design. It needs only some attention to the front edging.

Then, of course, I have the stuff listed in my side bar.

No to mention the loooooong list of projects that I'd like to start. I know I will probably never get to the point where I finish every project before I start a new one, but I'd like to keep it on a somewhat more balanced scale.

Though I promised not to buy any more yarn until I score on some Calmer, I meant only yarn for stuff for myself.

I'm really not crapping out on this! I do have several Christmas projects in mind, so I picked up this last week:

Purty, no? I can't say what it's for, or who (whom?) it's for, because it's a surprise, right!?

I don't know anything about this yarn, nor about the maker, so I'm anxious to see how the colors fall when worked -- will it produce neat striping? an overall melding of the colors??

It is very soft, and very squishy and from West Yorkshire, explaining that tweedy British look.

Sick Pals Update
Our gal, Heath, is back home and resting in her own bed. We chatted briefly yesterday and she was much more chipper than I expected. It seems that, contrary to the rosy reports from Transplant Julie, Heath has been to Hell and back (and I don't mean that cheesy town on Grand Cayman Island either!). She was very upbeat about getting together for a Hen party in the next few weeks.

We have good news on Q too. He has regained much energy, and so GG allowed him to go to work yesterday. His fellow workers at DC Habitat for Humanity must be cheering! She has promised an updated photo soon.

So, I'm much more at ease now. We have a rainy weekend in the plans and I'd like nothing more than to hunker down and veg. The DC Knit Out is on Sunday, however. Gretch and I agreed to go, and I had been looking forward to it, but perhaps the rain will change our minds.


  • At 5:21 PM, Blogger Laura A said…

    It looks lovely! Good job! Glad to be of some help. It is a bulky top, which is why I never envisioned it as a summer top, myself. I enjoy wearing it over a long sleeved t-shirt, or dressier collared shirt to add some warmth. It's cute that way. Even though everyone thinks it's a vest. Best, Laura

  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger FYRKRKR said…

    Very pretty & what a great color!!!


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