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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I get juiced on Mateus and just hang loose!

Today's headline is brought to you by Elton John.

DH and I went in to Charm City today to lunch with lil Stazi who is celebrating her 37th birthday, and, in her words, now in her "late thirties."

Mughal Garden was very tasty, as always; and also, as always, I ate waaaay tooooo muuuuch. So, if the Indian buffet wasn't enough, we then waddled a few blocks for coffee and dessert. I brought half of mine home, but may not even be hungry again tonight. (P.S. I don't think it really looks this good in person ... sorry Mughal Garden people ... ! but the food is wonderful ! )

Stazi also brought stinky yummy bagels from the Jewish Bakery in her 'hood and we could smell them the second she opened her trunk lid. DH always asks for a dozen when Stazi is coming out to our 'hood. She brought them this time without him even thinking about it.

Once back home, I jumped back into .... Cable Eight! Last night I didn't knit at all, but did wind two skeins in prep for today. That doesn't seem like much, I know, but I don't have a yarn winder and wind by hand, and that Pakucho is always wrapping around itself and anything else in the way. It's very snarly for me ... I wonder if anyone else has that problem?

So, Hurray!, I finished the first half of Cable-Eight, and then cast on for side two ... but I'm thinking it's getting a bit old, so I might pick up the cardigan for TV time tonight.

I dress in rags, smell alot, and I have a real good time ...

Yes, another heading brought to you by Sir Elton. Whilst knitting, I got reacquainted with "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." Although Heath, Stazi and I did see The Man in concert in September -- and he was fabulous, thank you -- no single concert could even touch on the wide variety of stuff that he has produced. I haven't heard some of these songs in so long that it was like hearing them again for the first time. And the lyrics are crazy! (I'll give you the whole of "Social Disease" at the end of this post ... BUT DON'T SCROLL DOWN TIL I'M DONE!

Anyhoo, back to Elton. I was singing along, having fun, remembering all my high school friends who shared my love of EJ, and then remembered another more recent friend. In fact, I was also thinking of this friend during the concert and was shocked to "learn" how much he reminds me of Elton John .. but I had never realized it before! So, sweet London Ed, there you are. You have the same quality of making me feel very at ease, warm and comfortable, and kind of giddy, that I always associate with Elton. Of course, I know you are truly a gem, and I can only HOPE that Sir Elton is half the guy he promotes on stage.

Funny, Ed also gave me a quote that I have retold many times. Ed was looking for a house and called from my "for sale" sign. We met to tour the house, and I, being very much the perfectly careful newbie agent, went on a long lecture about how I was representing the seller and that he was welcome to buyer's representation, blah, blah, blah.

Ed cut me short and said "well aren't you trustworthy?" Turns out he was savvy with the process, understood that I had an obligation to be fair and honest, and didn't want to involve another blood-sucking realtor, so I tended to the deal for both parties and all went well. During the process, we became friends and have remained so even though he lives in London now. We speak only rarely (and usually by e-mail) and I almost never see him but I always feel glad when an IM pops up from him.

I'm a genuine example of a social disease

No rain today, but it is chilly. I can see a big Dogwood tree from my Palace window and the berries are BRILLIANT RED. Fall, she is a'comin'.

Thinking of Heath: Only one week more til she goes in for surgery to donate a kidney to her husband.

Thinking of Valerie: She has been with the Red Cross on the Gulf Coast for several weeks now

And, now, all of the lyrics
... thanks Elton, for everything.

Social Disease (from "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

My bulldog is barking in the backyard
Enough to raise a dead man from his grave
And I can't concentrate on what I'm doing
Disturbance going to crucify my days

And the days they get longer and longer
And the nighttime is a time of little use
For I just get ugly and older
I get juiced on Mateus and just hang loose

And I get bombed for breakfast in the morning
I get bombed for dinner time and tea
I dress in rags, smell a lot,
and have a real good time
I'm a genuine example of a social disease

My landlady lives in a caravan
Well that is when she isn't in my arms
And it seems I pay the rent in human kindness
But my liquor also helps to grease her palms

And the ladies are all getting wrinkles
And they're falling apart at the seams
Well I just get high on tequila
And see visions of vineyards in my dreams

{repeat chorus}


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