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Thursday, September 22, 2005

We May Need a New Hen House

I love my Hens ... I really do ... and I really like that they always want to meet here, at the "Hen House". But, it seems that they bring some fractured alien power over Dear Husband when we plan a meeting. And I'm not talking about that typical male-type stuff that makes them get all giggly and smiley around a cutie. No, this is weirdo, mind-altering, alien vortex assimilation.

To wit: We have a Hen Party planned for day after tomorrow. Today, this came:
It seems that there's a little deja vu all over again here. To wit: This is the rest of the fleet welcoming their new brother -- hiding way over there on the left. Each time one of these has arrived, it has been on the day of, or very close to the day of a Hen Party. I'm going to ignore this issue for the moment.

Instead ... So how about Hurricane Rita? Cute nephew Jason called from League City yesterday morning to say that he and Mom were finishing up and were hittin' the road, bound for brother Mark's apartment in Austin. I got a message from him just a short while ago:

"We left League City at 1:45 P.M and arrived in Austin at 3:30 A.M. Not to mention the usual drive to Austin is about 3 hours. We didn't go faster than 20 MPH until we were well out of Houston, it was absolutely horrible traffic. Pops left this afternoon, so no telling when he will get here."

I spoke to "Pops" (my brother) earlier this afternoon. He left League City and traveled for 40 minutes of smooth sailing, chuckling about how he outsmarted those early birds. Then the traffic halted. He had moved no more than 100 yards in over 15 minutes when he decided to kill a little time by calling me. Third son, Brian, was headed for Brownsville where he had friends with a fenced yard that would also welcome the family pup, Casey.

So I'm sure feeling pretty silly now for whining and complaining along here about the faltering plans for our Fall Festival. I'm hoping that all of the Texans arrive at their new places safely, and that they will quickly return to find their homes just as they left them.


We think this is big news for tomorrow.

The telltale darkening of the chrysalis apres the emerging!


  • At 5:09 AM, Anonymous bob said…

    Wow! what a cool fleet. Thanks for being supportive to your "Dear Husband" This fleet will get smaller again, I promise....

    Anyone want to buy a 1956 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup?

  • At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You scared me. For second I thought you were serious about needing a new hen house. GG


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