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Friday, October 07, 2005

TGI Rainy Friday Pizza Night in MerryLand

Ahhhhhh, it was like music to my ears ... the sound of substantial rain rat-a-tat-tatting on the metal roof here at Chez Schavis. It was a lovely lullaby that would have kept me cozy the rest of the day ... but, alas, there was a job waiting on us, so out we went.

The Natives, however, had other plans. Beau retired to "his" loft for a long morning nap, Bella decided to settle down with a good book, and Wally made for the bed, wishing only that he could have taken up residence before it got made ... Yes, a messy unmade bed is so much better.

The humans weren't gone all day, however. We popped back in for lunch just in time to see the soaked-to-the-bone chimney liner guys just packing up to leave. They installed the liner without issue, but had no desire to try a little traipse across that steep ridge to install the caps on the 2 other abandoned chimneys. They will return for that part next week, and will also inform Nice Bricklayer Greg that he can come on back to finish the flashing and take down the scaffolding. Hopefully all will be completed soon so that we will have no impediment to firing up the boiler when the chillies hit.

We did go back to work, but little could be done today as our project and/or our supplies on hand called for the exterior component of the job. I was pleased to see the rain, but it did mess up the schedule ...


I stayed up a bit last night, so pumped about the Cable Eight errata, and I got a good bit accomplished even though I am DEAD TIRED these days.

After a serious dose of ripping, and rewinding of yarn, I gave it another go. Much better! With the change of the order of the stitches at the cable cross, it lays out so much nicer. It's a very easy pattern and really moves along quickly due to the doubled yarn and gigantic size 11 needles.

On my earlier try, I used 10 1/2 needles, as I have a tendency to knit rather loosely. But, the cables were wicked tight, and this organic cotton is supposed to shrink a good bit, so I went back to the pattern suggestion.

Gauge swatch, you ask? OF COURSE, I did a gauge swatch ... but it was for another project and on size 7 needles, so I just gave it a guess. I'm sure it will turn out to fit somebody!

If I have my way, tomorrow will be spent knitting on this project, and maybe some on the Casual Cot'n cardigan too. I hope it continues to rain gently, but steadily for several days and that that I will have no cause to do any chore, but instead just KNIT!

Pizza Night

As usual, tonight is $5 Milena's pizza from Safeway. We picked up two as Gretch and Jamie are going to join us. We are eager to hear the story of Jamie's resignation from boring, rude commercial real estate marketing company, and what his plans are for the next step. It will be fun to have another maverick in the neighborhood!

P.S. --

Check out my new sidebar button .... I got sorted! Thank goodness it's Gryffindor.


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