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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rain, Rain Come Today ...

... Come Today and Stay Till May! That's how dry it is here. It has been overcast and threatening all day, and we were rewarded oh so slightly .... it sort of drizzled for about 10 minutes. I think the last real rain we had was back in mid August. It would be a purrfect day to scurry up to my loft with a good book and a cup of tea, but alas, I had to set out to work, a la SCHAVIS.

It was a tired SCHAVIS crew that left 7th Street. We are both trying to recover from all the Festival activity. The event was a success, and we finalized clean-up on Sunday at 7:30 or so. Then back up the next morning to be on the road to Dear Husband's 'rents at 8:00. Schlepped boxes and various crap that was of no interest to the folks at the weekend estate sale, but somehow was much too valuable to donate to anyone. Apparently the thought was that eager buyers would magically appear out of thin air between Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning when the packers were expected. DH suggested that we tape $5 bills to everything and tell anyone who would listen that everything was free. That fell on deaf ears. So we left a house strewn with lots of unwanted stuff, and travelled back to MerryLand, both full of frustration that we could not finish the project, and full of concern for what Dear Ole Dad might resort to when left to conclude on his own.
We also came back with a cute Subaru full of .... stuff. Now, I'm not really sure I remember exactly WHAT we took, but here it is piled on the table. Wally is extremely pleased with the haul. Any new anything that comes into this house is promptly subject to feline inspection times three. Wally, however, is Chief Inspector.

On the Dental Front ...
I spent a few hours in Dr. Moss' chair again today. She removed my $3K or so worth of crowns very delicately with a BIG WHINING DRILL and then replaced them with some temporary composite stuff that will allow a better bond for the orthodontic torture devices, scheduled for installation on October 31. All that restful time today only cost me a cool $700+. How am I going to pay for all this dental work? I haven't a clue.

Nature Call - DH and I met up for a glass of wine on the front porch tonight. There are at least 3 Monarchs continuing to enjoy the fruits of our labor -- they were back and forth on the yellow Butterfly Bush also having Happy Hour.


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