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Monday, October 10, 2005

Prince Harry Looked Cute in Braces

Happy Columbus Day! I really don't care a whit about it being Columbus Day, except for the fact that it was a SCHAVIS Holiday. I did some knitting, some cleaning out of the mountains of junk in my Palace, and also spent a good deal of time searching the net for stuff related to braces. Yes, this is my complete obsession as the date draws nearer.

I found this cute pic of HRH Harry, and he is so adorable! I think he's become a bit of a rowdy skirt-chaser since this pic was snapped.

I also found lots of "middle aged" people, like yours truly, who also looked great. However, nobody knows who the heck they are so I didn't add their pictures ... except for this guy:

"Mess with me, matey, and I'll gnaw off your nose!!


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