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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Another Turkey SAVED!

Welcome to Chez Schavis where we don't eat turkeys any time of the year ... but we do sup with a bunch o' them at Thanksgiving.

Big smiles (with tinsel) from your hosts, me and Darling Husband:
Here, Granny presides over the requisite Spades Game ... "whenever 2 or more Zamaitis's are gathered, Spades must be played" -- it's part of the Rules and we can't deviate, particularly when a Zamaitis of the Texan varietal is present, whereupon Spades must be played with Beer (and lots of it), and it must be viciously competitive with so much trash talkin' and walls start to close in.

Gin and Mike came for dessert only. There was a big mess about Mike's Mom and him going to cook at her house, but no, it meant he'd have to get up early and you just can't stand the family ALL day, so he would cook at his house and bring it up, but NO then the turkey would be all dry and yucky like last year, so forget it and instead we will have a turkey breast, but NO, I don't want a turkey breast, I want a whole turkey, so I'll just cook my own .... and it goes on.

Finally, he did cook at Ginny's, then she dropped The Danial with us and went back, and then she and Mike came for dessert. But not until they went to KMart! Why, "because it's open." See Mike all sweet and smiley, and Ginny just holding back a barbed comment.

And, of course, The Danial. So big he is; no longer a little guy. With a voice all deep and only cracking a tiny bit. He loves to be measured up against the big uns. Here he sizes up DH:

So we all ate and we all drank and everyone played Spades either before or after dinner, or both; and lots of laughing was done and we were all glad to have been together ... and no turkey was consumed. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!


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