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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Student of the Week

Do you think all teachers make amazing students? My "A" Student, cute lil Gretchen, came over for a show-and-tell last night. She was all pumped up from working on several new projects after a lengthy self-imposed hiatus.

Early in the summer, she broke her foot after an impromptu barefooted Irish dance on concrete in the park and it put her in a funk. I immediately thought it would mean LOADS of time for knitting, but she couldn't do it.

After we went to the DC Knit Out she was reinvigorated. Capturing her attention was the Nice Knits AIDS Ribbon Scarf and she immediately took to ordering the yarn. In the meantime, she very effortlessly finished a Japanese Lantern scarf that had been thrown aside in disgust during the Time of the Broken Foot.

Since the yarn had not arrived before leaving for a visit to Colorado, she switched gears to a funky bulky knit hat with a cute bow-tie at the crown.

Having great success, she went back for a second hit on the Japanese Lantern scarf in a different colorway:

Now, the long-awaited red ribbon yarn is here and she is working the Aids scarf. There is talk about more cute chunky hats and ... maybe a sweater! I am so proud of my student!

My stuff, alas, is not moving so quickly.

As promised, I started the bobble panel for Mark's afghan:
It was not good. Actually, I think I like the look of the pattern well enough ... though I'm not feeling any rhythm yet ... but the panel is so close to the same width as the orange panel and no I don't like that.

The pattern picture is deceiving and I guess I had it firm in my mind that the white panel would be a good bit wider than the orange panel. So, I will add in several multiples of 4 stitches to the center section and see what happens.

In the meantime, I went back to the E Cardigan sleeve which is progressing at a snail's pace. Boring stockinette is surpassed in mindlessness only by garter stitch

Wally thinks all of this is too much effort. Just hit the catnip, baby and relax yo mind!


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