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Monday, December 19, 2005

My Special Day

How could you not enjoy a day all about yourself? I love being treated so special on my birthday.
Here's the recap:

We started with an early morning (still dark outside) breakfast prepared by the DH, including:

Scrambler - a staple for vegetarians like us! It is a base of extra-firm tofu, sauteed with an ever-changing creative mix of vegetables, spices, herbs and whatever! This particular version included broccoli, red sweet peppers, onions and garlic, and a coating of soy cheese. (For non-veg eaters: maybe like a Western Omelet?)

"Man juice" in fancy stemmed glasses - this is a pretty Tequila sunrise-ish mix of cranberry and orange juices, so called because of the reputed positive effect of cranberry juice for fellas.

(Note the cat greeting card from Stazi with the sensible sentiment: "There are worse things than getting older ... you could have to use your tongue for toilet-paper.")

AFTER breakfast, I lazed around for a bit, even taking a wee nap. It was nice to pick up the phone several times to be serenaded by "Happy Birthday to You ..."

Later, we went out exploring, with the first stop at All About Yarn. This was my first trip to this shop and I will definitely go back, as there was a nice supply of non-animal fibers for a vegan knitter like me.

I was drawn to the Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria again, promising myself to make a simple summer tee for those blasted hot August days. The yarn is seemingly weightless and the "bumpiness" of the ply keeps the finished fabric up off your skin. There was a delicate shell pink called Rose with the variations typical of Stria that was Wonderful!

I also fondled many a hank of other yarns, including Berroco's Idol, perused the needles and supplies, and chatted with a few shoppers. It was a nice visit and I left empty-handed!

Eventually we made our way to margaritas and burritos, along with heaps of chips and salsa -- then back to Chez Schavis for knitting and "60 Minutes."

I had a lovely day.


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