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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Many Names of Beau

For the third installment of the Nickname Project, please meet, last but not least:

Proper Records Name (used by his vet): Beau *

* When his pathetically thin mother, Kate Moss, moved the four tiny kittens to our cellar, we agreed to be foster parents, but had no intention of becoming permanent adoptors. The bigger of the 2 orange kittens was called "B.O." (for "Big Orange" -- aren't we clever?). As time marched on, "B.O." went through several iterations: I went from pronouncing initials "B.O" to the word "Bo", while DH changed the definition of "B.O." and used the name "Stinky." When it became apparent that "Bo" would remain with us, I prevailed on usage, and changed the spelling to "Beau."

Frequently Used Alias(es):

The Big Guy

** Beau and Wally are littermates and collectively referred to as "the Brothas"


For a look at a neighborhood urchin (who does not yet have nicknames) check out this post from The Things I Get Into


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