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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Olympic Conclusion

The Thrill of Victory was indeed earned by me, Mavis ... but the end result was not quite as planned.

My Olympic goal was to finish two Princess Snowball Cat Beds -- one for Isabella and one for Beau -- during the 16 Olympic Days. I finished early -- Hurray!

Thanks again to the Knitting Olympics organizer, the Yarn Harlot, my teammates at U S Team Cat Bed and our coach and organizer, Knit'nat.

Though I'm proud to have completed my event, the Thrill of Victory is bittersweet as my rose-colored vision of the little beasts snuggled in their personally customized and color-coordinated labors of love was futile.

Although Beaubalicious did take a brief snooze in 'Bella's bed, he entered his own green creation only when bribed with a Tastations treat. Worse yet, last night he decided to nap in one of Wally's store-bought KittyKups -- WHICH HE NEVER DOES!!!

Following her mentor, Girlfriend has refused to enter either bed, except to dash in one plump paw in order to retrieve her much-loved sparkly balls.

Before I collapsed from the utter disrespect, enter the Number One CupCat in all of MerryLand and probably onward -- Bug Man. True to form, this dude has yet to meet a cozy bed that is unworthy of a little snooze. Yes, he has already laid claim to two store-bought creations that he uses daily. But my hero decided that my lovingly crafted work was to his liking as well. You Rock Wally!
(for the astute knitters who are saying to themselves "Those sure don't look like no Princess Snowball Cat Beds!" -- you are right! I followed the general shaping and construction of that pattern, but substituted yarns and finishing of my own design. Specifics will be added to my Knitting Gallery soon.)


  • At 2:49 PM, Blogger DesirĂ©e said…

    Congrats! They look great and I'm sure the kitties will come around.

    I feel kinda bad for finishing early... I was going to try to make a "bonus" pair of socks before the end of the Olympics.. until this tooth thing. *sigh*

    Thanks for the happy thoughts yesterday, I can use all I can get.


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