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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mmmmmmm, Calmer .....

TOO tired to post last night. We went to a community forum and heard the City Manager's presentation on the question of whether we should institute our own police force (with a hefty price tag ... which is almost certainly going to grow with time.) The question will be put to the voters on November 8, but it's looking to me so far that it will be a "yes." After the forum, Ifind myself still in the "No" column.

New House Project - I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon painting trim at the new house. We won't settle for two more weeks, but the owner has allowed us access to get it ready for a new tenant post haste. We sure don't want an empty investment property.

While there, I took a pic of the adorable retro style bathroom, coincidentally, installed by Darling Husband on behalf of the current owner two years ago. It still looks great, but will need a few little grout touchups here and there.

Although the paint throughout the house is in very good shape, we are re-painting all the trim because it is same color/same sheen as the walls. Yuck. The new bright white, gloss trim makes the little rooms "pop." For such a small house, it has loads of trim, so I'll be going over again soon.

DH also installed mini-blinds throughout. In addition to general cleaning, we intend to add porch railings front and back. Not sure what else.

The Knits -- I knitted for only for a few minutes while watching the news. The "Elegant Cardigan" (gosh I HATE that name ...) moves on very quickly when I get going. I'm working through the armhole section. This picture shows the waist shaping very well.

The Cable-Eight is still in the lead! I finished the back and am nearly half through the front. There will be a fair amount of finishing work -- via the crochet hook -- but I am not afraid! This is one place where I am not intimidated by the Knitting Goddess, who says she "sucks" at crocheting. Which brings me to "Mmmmmmm, Calmer ...."

Okay, here's the deal. The Knitting Goddess RULES ... that is for everything except her yarn choices. She almost single-handedly subsidizes the sheep industry ... not to mention llamas, alpacas, silk worms, etc. So, for an ethical knitter, like me, Mavis, her work is ... ummm, hard to love unconditionally (?)

BUT, recently, a breakthrough ...
Knitting Goddess has a thing for Rowan Calmer!! Oh, this is fab news indeed.

At the Yarn Garden of Annapolis Spring Sale, I made my first contact.

I found it
Loved it
Wanted it
So Bad
$$$$ Big Dollars $$$
Fought Past the Urge
It continues to Haunt Me

But now, if Knitting Goddess gives it Two Persnickity Thumbs Up, I'm REALLY sold. I make my oath now ... I shall buy no more attainable because less expensive yarn until I have savored the Calmer ... Mmmmmmmmm, Calmer.


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