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Friday, December 16, 2005

Cropped Kitty

Can you tell what's what with this picture:
Flip it counter clockwise a turn, pull out the edges, and ...

... This was Beau at 6:00 this morning:

I slipped into The Palace to knit a few rows and my loyal Beau followed. He thinks "our" hand-knit sweaters make perfect nap blankets. I have to admit that he was present for much of this project, and I'm sure there's plenty of orange fur knitted into the stitches, so I guess it is pretty much his thang.

I have always been fascinated by this "no-paws" position. Cleocatra, companion of The Crochet Dude posed likewise in today's posting, with a funny caption from The Dude.

On a totally different subject ...

Ya'll will remember that I have "issues" with shopping carts left in parking lots, e.g., this entry.

Today, as I entered my car from PetsMart, where I spend a lot of time and a lot of $$ on two kinds of supplies -- "shovel it in, shovel it out" -- I noticed a number of shopping carts left in spaces. It was a bit windy and one was blown just enough to start it rolling across the lot. Up ahead, a big ole white conversion van was about to back out of its space. I could tell that the driver saw the cart, and waited until the thing picked up a little more speed and then crashed into the rear passenger side.

Did he get out and move the cart?

No .... and HELL NO!

He gunned the engine, sending the cart back from whence it came, then sped off across the rows of parking spaces at which time I quit watching and hoped that he would run into 2 or 3 dozen more of the wayward buggies --

-- them buggies that bug me.

Just put them back when you're finished, Okay?


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