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Monday, December 05, 2005

Family Holiday Fun in Old Town

Welcome to my memory album for this annual event, co-sponsored by everyone who can get their name in the advertising, and funded by our Fair City.

It was quite cold and windy, which may have kept some of the crowds at home, but those that attended were in good cheer and thoroughly enjoyed the attractions, some of which follow:

Real old world Carolers! So talented, so nice to watch ... especially the big guy (who unfortunately got blocked in this pic --boo!)

The Carolers are standing in front of our soon to open, eagerly anticipated, Welcome Center, which housed Santa Claus this year.

In the background is the Railroad Museum's Caboose, which was the previous site for Santa and often made for treacherous navigating. Santa-crazed kids take on superhuman strength and have no problem pushing you off the stairs.

Cute dancers from O'Toole's School of Irish Dance, returning this year to a better-suited venue in the recently remodeled community center.

This large troupe performed in beautiful intricately-designed costumes, and was made up of quite talented kids -- from teensy-tiny to full grown!

Alas, there was only one little boy, but he was up to the challenge.

Here's my favoriate part of the event -- Momma Maiasaura - SHE (Dino)ROCKS! (I have to force myself to keep from running up for a hug.)

Momma came to us courtesy of Ingrid Crepeau (she's inside) and Michelle Valeri (peeking from the left) -- who make up the fantabulous DinoRock Productions.

The Gals and the Dinos were back for a third time, but this seemed to be the best venue for them -- the sunny recital room at the community center.

At the end of a wonderful but hectic day, we waved a fond goodbye to Santa as he made away to his sleigh ... uh, actually I think that's a Toyota ...


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