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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

First 2005 Snowfall

Ah, the first snow started late yesterday afternoon and continued through the evening. This shot is from the upstairs bathroom, across the driveway and into the "Pine Room" as we call it. SO pretty - I love the way the early morning sun spotlights way back into the garden.

My weekly sales meeting AND another committee meeting were cancelled because of outages in the office. I think it is probably a Headquarters computer snafu and unrelated to the weather, but it gives me a nice leisurely morning to enjoy!

My excitement over a possible pattern for the Calmer is gone. I dug out the pattern and decided it was not so great as I remembered, so I turned instead to the Yankee Knitter Aran. Here's the very early beginnings of the twisted rib bottom edging:

Only 11 more rows and I can start laying out the pattern work!

BUT, I may put it aside for a short break because I just received confirmation today from an Aussie blogger who is organizing a secret project that I'm going to help with. So, I will be pawing through the stash today to see what I have that is appropriate. More on that later.

Yesterday, I had my first visit to a dental professional since installation day. I went for a cleaning with Gentle Gwen at the offices of Muggie the Perio Guy.

Gentle Gwen gave me an A+ for my maintenance efforts, which was a damn good thing, cuz I truly could not do more. This workout is grueling.

Perhaps more importantly, Muggie said he was very surpised at the progress of the bone grafts. He is still undecided as to whether the front tooth can be saved, but he was shocked that it had responded without fault to the ortho. I'm keeping my fingers and everything else crossed.

I posted a new picture to the me, Mavis Smile Project.

Ok, off I must go ... VERY Darling Husband is making breakfast ("Lord, I have found a Scramblin' Man ..")


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