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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Snow Day Decorating

We had snow again Thursday night, followed by icy stuff in the early morning hours, so schools were closed and lots of people stayed home from work. I was very happy that Schavis followed the Stay Home Today rule!

We spent the majority of the day digging out and setting up decorations. The cats were, of course, a huge help.

Wally checked the boxes to make sure we got everything out:

We had a delightful day, singing along to Christmas carols and going through old memories. However, as evening approached, I hated to leave our happy cozy home and go out into the frigid cold ... but we had a prospective tenant for the Little Rental House. It sure made leaving home easier to know that the requisite Friday Night Pizza was ready for the oven!

This morning, Beau was exhausted from all the activity (Don't you think radiators were invented by and for cats?):

I was exhausted too, but did manage to get through one repeat of the Aran pattern -- and I LOVE IT!!

The yarn is not so dark as this picture, but the picture really shows the different patterns that make up this sweater back -- seed, cable, wishbone and blackberry.

It's funny that I really dig the "blackberry" (middle) section in particular, because I am certain this is the same pattern for the white panels of Mark's UT Afghan. (You might recall that I recently tossed this project aside in a huff...). I'm wondering if I did something wrong while working the afghan panel, cuz it was nothing like this sweater. I'll have to go back and check the pattern.

With thoughts of various pattern stitches floating about, this seems to be an appropriate time to point out one of my favorite knitting tips:

Cables without a Cable Needle.

I first read about this maybe six months ago, and it has produced a whole new invigorating feeling about cables. I can work these babies now with zero concern ... even the 4 over 2 cross involved in the "Wishbone" section.

There are at least -- I don't know, maybe a zillion? explanations out there in blogland. The best have photos of work in progress. Here are a few that caught my eye:

from The Knitting Goddess

... and another

... and another.

For a brand new knitter who panics at the mere thought of allowing a stitch to sit in freedom off the needle for even a brief moment, I have an alternate piece of advice.

When I first started cabling, I used both the stick-with-a-bump and the u-shaped cable needles -- both made of metal. Knowing what I know now, I would steer clear of those slick metals! Instead, I would recommend a short double-pointed wood needle. For those Martha Stewart types, you can learn here how to make your own!

Happy Knitting!


  • At 5:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Guess that UT item is no surprise now? The sweater project looks great and the cats look cute. Thanks for posting.


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