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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy St. Lucia Day

Ya'll know I am a fan of customs and fables. It was truly the highlight of my educational experience when I discovered Joseph Campbell and feasted on his knowledge. I find it makes for a small world indeed when you can clearly see how long-ago and far-away cultures found similar explanations for the perplexing world. Maybe we are all the same?

On this day in Sweden (and other parts of Scandinavia), which they call the shortest day of the year, a festival of lights is crucial. Think, Hannukah or a good ole pagan Solistice Festival (which I will be celebrating on December 21).

The Swedes look for hope that light will prevail over darkness in the form of "Santa Lucia." Traditionally, the youngest girl of the family dresses in a white robe and on her head, a wreath of greenery and LIT white candles. (A site I found yesterday suggested that battery-operated candles were a better option as so many gals had lit their heads on fire. Wow, the great tips you can find on the internet!).

Back to our story ... the Lucia gets up early to bring light into the dark winter. Wearing her crown of blazing candles, she greets all the household members by serving steaming coffee with ginger biscuits and saffronbread.

Lucia's day symbolically opens the Christmas celebrations in Scandinavia, bringing hope and light during the darkest months of the year. Want to know more about the history of the celebation? Check out Lucia here.

In a more modern celebration, the Knitting Goddess has the most beautiful Lucia I have ever seen. Check her out here.

I only wish I had thought of this for my own sweet Lucy, who has been gone now nearly 4 years. She would have been a show-stopper!

Hey, I just realized that my Lucy went on her journey on December 20, 2001. I wonder if that was the Solistice Day? Interesting ....

Happy St. Lucia Day, Lucy! I miss you.


  • At 7:03 PM, Blogger Wendy said…

    My Lucy sends you huggs and purrs :-)


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