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I knit. I garden. I co-manage an eclectic shop. I sometimes work in real estate. I sometimes swing a hammer. I always volunteer in my community. I live in an old house with my nice family of one husband and three beastly cats. I have great friends. These are the things that matter to me, Mavis.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Early Christmas Present!

Looky what was in my e-mailbox this morning:

This is an early Christmas present. No other way to do it.
Sorry for not wrapping it.

You now have access to subscriber-only content for
Interweave Knits at web password is:
The current issue is Winter 2005 and it will be mailed on


I love it ... and it fits perfectly! Four lovely issues of knitting!

So, I can look forward to receiving the print issue by mail, but hey, there's no need to wait! That "subscriber-only content" is quite a big deal too. By checking on-line, I found extra content -- patterns, how-to's, etc. -- that I am enjoying already.

What a great gift! Happy Christmas to me, Mavis!

Oh, what's that you way? Who could be responsible for such a wonderful, thoughtful gesture? Need you ask?

Of course, it's Dear Husband! Thanks, DH -- you da best!


  • At 5:53 AM, Anonymous DH said…

    My pleasure. That super hat and scarf you have knitted for me in the past is a tribute to your fine knitting. I want you to share with all. So sorry I don't like to wear sweaters.... one of yours would be nice to show off.


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